Item #: PRV041 - Valmet M71/S .223 package - $1850

This is a very good condition M71/S (.223 caliber). The metal work is all in
excellent shape as is the forearm. The butt stock has seen some wear with
some cracks that have been repaired with epoxy. The cracks still show (see
pictures below) but the stock is all solid and fully usable . The cracks are
primarily cosmetic in nature and the rifle is in complete safe firing condition.

Included is one original 30 round Valmet M71/S magazine for .223, and two
East German Fiberglass AK 30 round magazines in .223 (not modified 7.62
mags, these are true .223 mags). The AK mags have had slight modifications
to fit the M71/S and work fine.