Item # PRV011 - HK-91A2 package - $2700

This is about the most perfect original/genuine HK-91A2 you'll be able to find.  
99+% condition.

I am the original owner of this fine firearm, which I purchased new in 1979. It is in
near perfect condition, basically flawless. HK Date code is HK (1979).

Included is the original owners manual, original warranty card, plus the original
factory test target for this rifle. Also included is the "slimline" forearm shown, as
well as the bayonet and scabbard. The bayonet adapter is installed, as is the
ejection port case buffer. In addition to the original alloy 20 round magazine
shown are 4 additional steel HK magazines purchased new at the same time as
the rifle, not surplus magazines. Also included is the original sling. Finally, there
is an HK-91A2 Paperweight for those who are really into collecting HK items (not