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Welcome to BMJ Sports!

BMJ Sports was established in 1972 as a dealer for new and used firearms in the Binghamton, NY area. We
found many of our customers were involved in various competitive shooting sports such as NRA Pistol
Bullseye, Highpower Rifle and the International style of shooting, as well as being members of special interest
groups like NSSA and WW-II reenactment clubs.   With the emergence of Cowboy Action Shooting as a very
popular sport we have expanded our interests for our customers into this area as well. Based on our local
customer requests we focus primarily on obtaining special purpose firearms, ammunition and accessories for
these groups and will attempt to locate and obtain unique items upon request.

Retail Firearms

BMJ Sports maintains a small inventory of popular firearms oriented to these special interest groups but finds
most of our sales involve the special order of unique items. We also handle special order firearm and accessory
purchases for local Law Enforcement Agencies.

BMJ Sports is now a New York State dealer for DPMS Panther rifles. Due to the many configurations
we very rarely have any DPMS Panthers in stock as we have found our customers like to have special
"custom" DPMS features added to their rifle. As such we will be glad to special order your unique
DPMS Panther for you.

Contact us at for your unique requirements.

Consignment Firearms

As a service to our local customers we now accept consignments of firearms for sale and are listing them here on
our web page. The prices shown in the consignment area are those established by the firearm owner, not BMJ
Sports. BMJ Sports acts only as a means of advertisement and shipping. For this service, in addition to the
listed price, BMJ Sports normally charges the purchaser $
40.00 per firearm plus actual shipping costs. If the
firearm is picked up in
person at the BMJ Sports store, the service charge is reduced to $30. Note that items
picked up at the store or shipped to locations within NYS,
are subject to NYS restrictions and NYS sales tax.
See Delivery & Shipping below.

Consignment Firearms currently available

Handguns    Rifles      Shotguns       Blackpowder/Muzzleloaders       Airguns

Delivery & Shipping

All NFA Rules apply

Pickup in person:   Residents of states contiguous to New York State can arrange to pick up their longuns
themselves. Only New York State residents with a valid NYS Pistol License and applicable purchase permit can
pick up a handgun in person. Items purchased and delivered at the store may be subject to NYS sales tax in
addition to the listed price.

Common Carrier Delivery:   Modern firearms will be shipped only to Federal Firearms Licensees who have
provided us with an original signed copy of their FFL. If you do not know a local FFL who will accept a
shipment for you, we will attempt to help locate one.  We will also, of course, ship C&R firearms to Curio &
Relic Licensees as well.  Blackpowder original and replica firearms as well as firearms over 100 years old may be
shipped to anyone over 21 years of age as current laws dictate. Please check your local state and city laws before
purchasing items such as hi capacity magazines or pre-ban firearms, as there are certain areas that have
restrictions or outright bans on them. BMJ Sports cannot know all the laws related to your place of residence so
you are responsible for knowing whether a specific item is prohibited in your area. For items that are potentially
banned (hi cap magazines, so called "assault weapons", certain knives etc), we will require a signed statement
that you assume responsibility for determining if the item is prohibited in your area. Contact us if you have a
question on this policy at

Preview Policy

We know it is difficult to evaluate the condition of used/consignment firearms simply from the description and
pictures provided.  The preview policy we have established for such items is as follows: upon receipt of full
payment including shipping/handling costs, the purchase price will be held in escrow by BMJ Sports and the
firearm will be shipped to the purchaser with a signature required. The purchaser will have three days from the
date received to evaluate the firearm and notify BMJ Sports if the firearm is not as expected. If we are notified
within that three day period, you may then return the firearm at your expense, in the condition received, and
you will be refunded the purchase price of the firearm minus the shipping/handling fee. If we have not received
and confirmed your notice that the firearm is unacceptable within the three day period, the purchase will be
considered complete and the purchase amount that has been held in escrow will be released to the seller.

If you wish additional detail on a particular item, send an e-mail to referencing the item
number along with your questions.

If you are interested in firearms and your right to continue to own and
use them, and you aren't a member of the NRA, what are you waiting